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Landon, Kristin: The Dark Reaches

The Dark Reaches (2009)
Written by: Kristin Landon
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 292 (Mass Market Paperback)
Series: Book Three (ongoing?)

The premise: ganked from After the Earth was destroyed by ruthless machine intelligences known as the Cold Minds, the remnants of the human race sought refuge among the Hidden Worlds. Now, renegade pilot Linnea Kiaho and her fellow pilot Iain sen Paolo embark on a dangerous journey to Earth's solar system, where humans may have survived. But what they find is a secret so powerful it may save the Hidden Worlds--or shatter them forever.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: if you've followed and liked the series so far, you know you have to keep reading, right? There's some excellent revelations in this book regarding the Cold Minds, but not the kind of revelations you'd expect. I absolutely loved the opening chapter and thought it set an excellent tone for the book, and by the book's ending, I really hope there will be another installment, because there's so much yet to DO in this universe and I want to see how Landon ties it all together. It could be epic. :) That said, I still find that the first book in the series, The Hidden Worlds, is the strongest installment, though this is easily a better read that The Cold Minds (the second book), in my very humble opinion. There's a little more romance here in this third installment, a little more angst, than there was in the second, and it helped make the relationship between Linnea and Iain stronger. It's an enjoyable read with some lovely world-building, and again, I hope to see more installments in the future.

Review style: a short and sweet review to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the series so far and why I keep reading. Spoilers? Yes, so don't read the full review at my LJ unless you've already read the book or you really couldn't give a flying flip about spoilers. :) As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)


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